Catalogs can be one of the most important sales tool for showcasing your products and services. They can be the tool you can use in announcing to the market what your business is all about.

Catalogs for Shopping Freaks

Catalogs for Shopping FreaksNorin fusses with samples of foundation makeup in a department store. She smears some onto one cheek. Too dark. She wrinkles her nose. The second sample doesnt look right, either. The saleswoman at the cosmetics counter cleans Norins face with a tissue and applies another tone. She turns to her friend, who just shrugs. For the next sixty-five minutes, Norin fingers makeup boxes, dabs lip gloss and gazes at her tanned complexion in the mirror, searching for a new face that will give her a new identity. With Norins actions it is evident that people, especially women, are very particular with what they want. They would stop at nothing just to get the right color of lipstick or the right tone of makeup. This is one of the reasons why the need for a better marketing scheme is important for every business. It is important to create name recognition and brand awareness so people would be enticed to purchase their products, thus, reducing the time customers spend in shopping. Catalogs can be one of the most important sales tool for showcasing your products and services. They can be the tool you can use in announcing to the market what your business is all about. They can be mailed or handed out to prospects and customers. But just like any other marketing material it is essential to create a catalog that best represents the business that you have. Color choices, paper quality and printing techniques are a few of the things you need to consider in producing a good catalog. You also need to humanize yourself and your catalog by making it seem like the catalog came from friendly and helpful people. This way your prospects will easily trust you and avail of your products. A harmonious layout can also help in creating a professional elegant look to your catalog. And including enough variety can keep the readers interested instead of becoming bored. Likewise, the photos that you will include in the catalog need to be effectively shot. Good product photos are more than of an art than styling. Remember that readers are likely to keep away from products that they cant even recognize in pictures. So make an effort to produce pictures that tells the readers what they need to know about the product. And make sure to throw in some extra in your catalog to make your customers happier. And if you send Norin and other Norins out there your catalog, perhaps the next time they think of shopping theyll have a look at your catalog first and decide if there is something they want there before enduring in another long hours of testing and dabbing tons of makeup in their face.

Instrument Technicians and Dual Trade Electricians Highly Requested Professions in Present

Instrument Technicians and Dual Trade Electricians  Highly Requested Professions in Present

Specialized manual labor is becoming scarcer nowadays, generating a severe workforce crisis among companies that require specialized manual laborers. Due to the pronounced gaps in specialized manual workforce fields, a lot of major industrial companies are interested in hiring a wide range of certified manual workers in present. Blue collar Trade qualified personnel is also highly demanded among various industrial companies that require specialized services. In present, the most requested professions among various industrial branches are Instrument Technicians, Instrument Mechanics and Dual Trade Electricians.Considered to be the pillars of any industrial business, "Instrument Technicians" and Instrument Mechanics have a multitude of roles in ensuring the well functioning and the safety of a company. These professions involve activities such as repairing, maintenance, calibration, adjustment, installation or optimization and upgrading of industrial measuring and controlling specific instrumentation. Instrument Technicians and Instrument Mechanics are usually employed by nuclear and hydro power generating companies, mining companies, petrol extracting and refining companies, natural gas companies, pulp and paper processing companies and many other industrial establishments that depend on specific industrial instrumentation for sustaining their activity.Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics are nowadays highly requested among industrial companies under the form of blue collar employment. Certified Instrument Technicians and Mechanics that hold Trade qualifications have a great advantage in finding employment opportunities, as they benefit from inter-provincial mobility. "Dual Trade Electricians" also have a set of vital roles inside industrial companies, well-trained professionals being highly requested in present. Industrial Dual Trade Electricians are responsible with installation, repairing, maintenance, testing, troubleshooting and evaluation of industrial electrical devices and installations, as well as electric and electronic equipments. Dual Trade Electricians are generally employed by electrical contractors and maintenance sectors of plants, factories, mining companies and various other industrial companies.As well as in the case of Instrument Technicians, the Dual Trade Electrician profession involves a lot of responsibility, rendering experience, good training and proper skills crucial traits that all practitioners should posses. Dual Trade Electricians can easily find employment opportunities among an extended set of industrial establishments that require their services. Dual Trade Electricians can be hired by companies with or without contract, also being able to sustain their work under the form of blue collar oriented employment.If you are certified in one of these areas and you are looking for great job opportunities, the best thing to do is ask for the help of a reliable recruiting company. By relying on the services of a serious, professional recruiting company, you will be offered the chance to find great job opportunities according to your level of experience in the branch and your obtained credentials and recommendations. Remember that companies specialized in different industrial branches are currently confronted with pronounced employment deficits in these particular areas, rendering Instrument Technicians and Dual Trade Electricians highly requested professions in present. If you want to become the member of a major industrial establishment, all you have to do is ask for the services of a solid recruiting company, specify your level of training and add your contacts. Follow these steps and you will find a suitable job in no time!

Punctuality in Business: What it Says About You

Punctuality in Business:  What it Says About You

"Nothing inspires confidence in a business man sooner than punctuality, nor is there any habit which sooner saps his reputation than that of being always behind time." (W. Mathews) Being tardy can be a serious marketing blunder for today's business owner. From being late to meetings with a colleague or client, to not delivering your product or service on time, tardiness speaks volumes about who you are and how you do business. If you want customers to choose to do business with you, you must meet their expectations for performance. If you can't meet deadlines for delivering products and services, customers will quickly find their way to your competitors. What does being punctual say about you?1. You care. Showing up and on time is one of the best ways to show someone that you care about them. By keeping our commitments to others, we are acknowledging them and their needs. Caring about our customers must be our number one priority since it is through our relationships that we build our business. No one knows how much you care until you show them by showing up.2. You respect others. Horace Mann said, Unfaithfulness in the keeping of an appointment is an act of clear dishonesty. You may as well borrow a person's money as his time. Arriving on time for customer meetings, speaking engagements, meetings with vendors, or anything else you do in your business, shows that you respect others. Respect is the foundation for creating great long-term relationships with your clients. 3. You are professional. Thomas C. Haliburton said, Punctuality is the soul of business. As a business professional, you have a toolkit of knowledge and behaviors that serve to create an aura of professionalism. Being on time is a fundamental tool for anyone who wants to be perceived as being the very best.4. You are confident. When you show up on time, it's a sign that you are confident to take on whatever might lay before you. Tardiness can imply that you aren't confident, that you are hesitating to deal with a person or situation, possibly because you don't have the skills, knowledge or tools to create a successful outcome. Confidence is the companion of success, and by showing up on time, you're putting yourself one step closer to achieving it.5. You are ready to receive others. Punctuality says to others, I'm ready. It implies that you are open to allowing more into your life. You're ready to meet with a client to discuss business. You're ready to deliver a presentation. You're ready to be involved with whatever is set before you. People who aren't ready tend to show up late or not at all. 6. You have an edge. Being punctual gives you an edge in business. Undoubtedly you've heard the proverb, The early bird gets the worm, or in our case, the work. In today's competitive business climate, timing is everything. With businesses moving at the speed of light thanks to the latest technologies, delay of any sort can cost you clients. Being punctual is great; being early is even better!7. You're in control. Not only do people choose to do business with those who they like, know, and trust, they also like doing business with people who are in control. Business owners who always arrive early or on time to appointments give the impression that they manage things well. It gives customers the impression that you are reliable in everything that you do. People want to do business with people who are in control.8. You have a standard for excellence. Punctuality is a standard for operating excellence. Not only does it imply that you are in control of your business, it shows that you respect yourself and others. Successful, well-liked business owners typically have punctuality as one of their highest values. In a business world where rules are constantly changing, showing up on time will always be at the top of the list when it comes to standards of excellence.9. You keep things in flow. When you are on time or when you deliver your products and services on time, you keep things in flow. Other people and events are affected by what you do and don't do. If you don't show up or if you don't deliver as promised, you can adversely affect the plans of others. By showing up on time, you allow other people and things to show up on time as well. Everybody wins.10. Your habit is your brand. Over time, if you deal with the same person or groups of people, you will become known as someone who is punctual. You will be perceived as a business professional who respects others and who is confident and in control. This natural way of being will take on a life of its own and become part of your business branding. Copyright 2004 Alicia Smith Consulting & Training. All Rights Reserved.

The Man Who Makes $1 Million in Affiliate Commissions

The Man Who Makes $1 Million in Affiliate Commissions

His success is phenomenal. Well, not many can claim to make $1 Million a year in affiliate marketing. And at only 27 years of age!His name is Jeremy Palmer. Until recently, he was virtually unknown in the marketing circles, simply because he preferred to make his money silently.Now this Jeremy guy has written an ebook about his "affiliate marketing" techniques. Having bought dozens of affiliate marketing ebooks, most of them duds, I was hesitant to buy this one. After all, what could this guy possibly write about that was not already covered by dozens others?But curiosity, a huge discount and a recommendation from another highly respected affiliate marketer made me want to check it out. Still, I determined that I would ask for a refund as soon as I found out this was just one of the numerous duds.The writer, "Jeremy Palmer" , is 2005 Commission Junction Horizon Award winner for performance. He is also a Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador. In short, he is the real deal. What about his book?Jeremy starts you from the basics, slowly building you up to advanced techniques. Experienced affiliates can skip most of the beginning section.What sets this book apart from all the others is the way Jeremy breaks down the techniques, while adding subtle but highly effective tweaks, twists and tricks.For example, he takes you through what he calls the keyword buying cycle. This is a simple but brilliant technique for finding converting keywords while minimizing wasteful (and therefore costly) clicks. This piece of information by itself is invaluable.Next, Jeremy also teaches you how to how to easily and quickly set up a website, even if HTML is an alien word to you. Better still, he shows where to find free and low-cost resources. He goes farther, and tells you the types of websites best suited for certain types of businesses and niches.Another important thing he covers is how to use the two leading Pay Per Click search engines, Yahoo Search (formerly Overture) and Google Adwords for fast (and profitable) results. One thing I wish he would have explained more is how he is able to turn low-search keywords into some of his most profitable campaigns as he claims. Other than that, everything else is well elaborated, with examples.Jeremy shows you how to do keyword research using free resources. No additional expensive software necessary.Product research is also covered, extensively. He shows you how to find hot products and services to promote, how to measure demand and check out the competition or find low-competition niches. As with everything else in the book, his techniques are original and innovative.And, his book is not littered with affiliate links, as is common practice with most ebooks. Actually, most of his techniques use free resources.One big challenge in affiliate marketing is how to build killer landing pages. This is where most of us loose potential buyers. Jeremy shows you a very simple technique of building winning landing pages on the fly. Besides giving examples all way, the author he also tells you some interesting personal experiences throughout. Everything is well illustrated with images. The language is simple and easy to understand.As with most (if not all) super affiliates, Jeremy appears in favor of Pay Per Click search engine method of driving traffic. This is understandable, as it's so far the quickest and most effective marketing method available. But other marketing methods are covered in detail as well.Overall: No matter your level of experience in affiliate marketing (or associate marketing), beginner or advanced, this ebook is a must have. It is 140 pages of useful information. I didn't point out many weaknesses in the book, because I did not find them.

How To Turn Little Problems Into Massive Opportunities And Profits

In order to make big money online and create killer products which will be lapped up by potential customers you need to realize that it's not just your passions, hobbies, and interests you should be taking note of. Also take a closer look at your biggest problems and challenges. You see, life has an interesting way of trying to put us onto the right path...if we would only stop and pay attention. Often times, the major problems and challenges in our lives arise only to direct us, to nudge us towards the right path, the path that we're supposed to be traveling on. Yet many of us get so wrapped up in the problem itself that we're constantly fighting and pushing away while never being able to see what it's trying to tell us. Many of your greatest pains and challenges are simply opportunities in disguise. Some of our greatest inventions came out of problems and challenges the inventors were having in their lives. They decided to focus on the solution instead of giving all their energy and thought to the problem. During the great depression, while most people were suffering and going through tough times, others found ways to "solve problems" and then helped others cope with those problems. They became very rich in the process. You can do the same today. Start looking for the answers and solutions to those major problems/challenges in your life. If no one else has yet provided an effective solution to the problem, you may just be the person to do it. Problems are everywhere you look, on every corner you turn. Just look around you. People are miserable, they're irritable, they're mad! Often times, one of the problems you're having in your life is also something that many others are having as well. Find the solution to it and become the expert that everyone else will look to for answers. The best way to become rich is to create value in others' lives. Start with your own problems and find ways to make others' lives easier. Open their eyes to what's really going on around them, offer solutions to their problems. In return, they will reward you with money!

WEBconference applications for marketing

ProblemThe key people are committed to organizing brainstorming sessions and focus groups, and in conceiving and validating concepts. Press conferences, sometimes lasting several weeks, are also held during product launches. For the fruition of these efforts, the prospects have to be carefully identified as qualified. Otherwise, these efforts will be futile, and the team will have to begin again without being able to capitalize their exchanges and use them repeatedly.SolutionThe marketing team announces on their WEB site the online presentations (WEBinar), for which the visitors have to register in advance. The brainstorming sessions among colleagues, the focus groups, press conferences, and product launching are done long distance during webconferences. In addition, these events are completely recorded, both voice and images, and then copied by different means and placed on the WEB site, the local network, and on CD or DVD in order to be reused or replayed for new prospects, employees, and partners. Results The added advantage of WEBinars is that the participants are identified as qualified beforehand. It's only later on that they are considered as prospects for the sales team - this produces better "closing" performance from the team. The time devoted to events is significantly reduced. The response rate of the prospects is faster. The audio-visual archives integrated through the years represent priceless collateral material that can support sales. In addition, we have the power of multimedia to the performance of polymedia, on different kinds of supports, regardless of the time.


Catalogs can be one of the most important sales tool for showcasing your products and services. They can be the tool you can use in announcing to the market what your business is all about.